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8 Surprisingly Healthy Habits You Thought Were Bad

Surprisingly Healthy Habit
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Did you know about these surprisingly healthy habits?

Let’s admit it… We all have a few bad habits which occasionally make us feel guilty. In fact, admitting you have the occasional glass of wine, you enjoy naps, or hit the couch instead of the gym often lands you in a prime spot in the corner of shame.

But here’s the kicker: according to science, some of our bad behavior or bad habits may have some benefits. Also, when carried out in moderation, these surprisingly healthy habits benefit our overall psychological and physical well-being.

Psychology Today says that most of our bad habits alter our moods and help temporarily reduce stress. From biting your nails to sleeping late and chewing gum, let’s look at some everyday bad habits that could benefit you.

So forget the walk of shame. Here are 8 surprisingly healthy habits you thought were terrible!

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