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New COVID Strain ‘Kraken’ Spreads: 9 Most Common Symptoms

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COVID hospitalizations in the US have increased by 16.1% in the past week as a new “escaped” strain of the virus has continued to spread across the country.

The new variant is officially called “XBB.1.5”, but you can simply call it ‘Kraken’, a name given by Canadian biologist Dr. Ryan Grefory. According to the World Health Organization, it’s the most contagious COVID variant yet.

We still don’t know exactly the evolutionary process of the new strain, but WHO’s technical advisory group is currently drawing up a risk assessment of the new mutant variant. Scientists became concerned about Kraken at the end of last year as the number of XBB increased. 1.5 cases in the US spiked from 1% of all cases at the beginning of December to 41% just three weeks later.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a statement this week saying Kraken cases accounted for almost 75% of all infections in regions 1 and 2, which include Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, Puerto Rico, New Jersey, and the US Virgin Islands.

A new Kraken COVID variant is causing concern as it binds tightly upon contact with a cell, WHO officials added, which means the virus is able to replicate easily in a host.

Dr. Raj Rajnarayanan, associate professor and assistant dean of research at the New York Institute of Technology, said that the best way to fight against mutations is to get a booster vaccination.

What are the symptoms of the new variant?

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46 thoughts on “New COVID Strain ‘Kraken’ Spreads: 9 Most Common Symptoms”

    1. Wake up! These viruses happen before elections! Bossters do not help at all. Better if you have a natural immunity then you do not need that BOOSTER every 6 months. Man made virus even Pfizer was plotting to modify Covid to sell more Boosters. Please start reading for yourself. I learned in 1983 that Gene Splicing was in effect on RNA.

      1. I am a pure blood, I will not got any shot, I won’t get into that, I wear gloves, on gas pumps, shopping carts etc, sanitizer a must, keep your distance, take vitamin d or c or anything to help your immune. Symptom, I do I proved it I am proof. Like ma always said wash your hands.

      2. I TOTALLY agree with you and I am so tired of the Government and their plan to keep Trump from getting elected again. I worked for the State of PA and I know how crooked they are. I swear I just want to go live in a cave somewhere or an Island away from everyone! LOL But they want to call us conspiracy nuts. Well that is only because we have them figured out and have for a very long time. I love the new name, Kraken. How original. Release the Kraken. Yeah I saw that movie when it came out. Dumbasses!!! We are the laughing stock of the entire world right now and it just makes me sick. They can stick their “Boosters” right up their asses.

        1. Psssst…..Trump made us the laughing stock of the world. Ask anyone in any country ( except North Korea and Russia) and they will give you the answer! Vaccines have always been a choice. The public’s response is also a choice. If you feel slighted by one’s response to you, it is your problem, not the government.

          1. That’s because those other countries hate when someone exposes their corruption, crimes. They continually were sucking money from America because of bad decisions by our leaders. Trump said,”No more.” Of course they hate him. Biden administration hate him and anyone that supports him. Think that Hillary said it worst, “Deplorable.” Look at the United States now. Inflation all time high. Not fuel independent. Crime up in every city. Racist remarks about just about everything. Your toothbrush is white. It’s racist. You are black,and stand for freedom. You are a white supremacist. George Floyd, according the coroner died because of a heart problem and fentanyl. The pressure also may have caused it. He was a criminal. But the race thing comes up again. Last week a white kid at a school was beaten and killed by ten black juveniles. Where is all the outrage? This happens daily. Mainstream media only covers it for ratings or to push racism. Wake-up. NEWSMAX and “The First,” and other independent news sources are the only one that show the facts. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, Washington Post, New York Times are all corrupt. George”Nazi” Soros pays billions into the Democrat Party.. Fauci is another bureaucrat. He has been involved with Gain of Function for years. WHO, CDC, WEF, and the globalists are corrupt. Covered up origins of virus. Trump said China. People around said no. Wrong. I subscribe to IMPRIMIS and The Verdict news. They are free. NEWSMAX magazine is great. Read up to get the facts.

      3. People like me who vaccinate are the reason why COVID is not as severe as it once was. You’re welcome!

    2. Yep! Here we go again another vaccine that harms people intentionally. Folks this is as plain as the noses on your faces. Look at all the problems the first vaccines caused in people, what makes you think this wouldn’t be the same? ( ITS all about POPULATION CONTROL ALL AROUND THE WORLD !)

  1. well u wrote of nine symptons .besides getting a booster shot is there anything else to do that will help lessen the severity 0fare Kracken infection….Plus what are effective treatments for this strain???. plus are people like me 80 yr old man 4 stroke survivor just gonna say adios??how dangerous is the Kracken any trends … are masks any help?. should masks be worn in public places???..

      1. Check out the CDC’s own 2014 study that determined that face masks provide no benefit in preventing transmission of viral diseases. As an orthopedic surgeon I wore masks to prevent bacterial transmission into the wound of the patient I was treating. Negative airflow space suits are effective but not a reality outside a level four viral research center. If you a sick and coughing a mask will help prevent you from spreading droplets to others. Also, sunlight kills the virus in just a few seconds. That means that there is never a reason to wear a mask outside.

  2. Apparently the symptoms are the same symptoms we’ve dealt with from the beginning of our interaction with COVID. Nothing atypical at all in terms of symptoms, only in terms of its greatly enhanced transmissibility. And we still have no specific therapy available for ANY of the variants. So knowing which one it is doesn’t particularly help anything.

    Welcome to the joys of epidemiology!, my favorite subject in my medical training.

    –Kind regards, Susan Root, MD, MPH

    1. My preferred therapy is ivermectin. Prescribed by my doctor. Effective with no side effects. Greatly reduces symptons.

  3. There are those who blame former President Trump for the million-plus American deaths from COVID-19, but that is not really true. The true blame for all those deaths belongs to our medical establishment, for rejecting the scientifically proven cure for ALL corona viruses (which I call the “Cathcart titration methodology”, developed by Robert Cathcart during the 1970’s). That method has been shown, for now fifty years and through millions of human clinical trials, to emulate evolution’s (nature’s/God’s) perfect cure for viral infections (100 percent safe and 100% effective) as has been used by virtually all animals (except in guinea pigs, and a few species of primates and bats) for many millions of years. I have more recently used it successfully for COVID-19, which should not be fatal except that medical “science” rejects valid science due to a foolish misconception about how to evaluate science, which shows how human fallacies have flavored science into a subjective (opinion-based) endeavor. But in fact, vaccines will help given the foolishness of our institutions and leaders.

    1. That’s not what he said. Go back and listen to what he actually said instead of msm! You are repeating a lie lady!

    2. Just as good as your booster. This is a new strain, meaning they haven’t seen it, but get boosted anyways because they said so

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