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New COVID Booster Vaccine: Who Must Get it This Time?

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention moved to make an additional omicron booster available. The new COVID vaccine is meant to help adults 65 and over and immunocompromised people fight off the virus.

In other words, those who fall into these two categories, as well as those who want the option of added protection, would soon be able to get the new booster. The announcement was made Wednesday, April 19, via the CDC’s website. This was just one day after the Food and Drug Administration announced it “amended the emergency use authorizations of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna bivalent mRNA vaccines.”

While the coronavirus no longer makes headlines and we don’t hear about it as often as we once did, the virus still exists and affects older people and those who have weakened immune systems. In fact, a few months ago, a new COVID-19 strain called Kraken caused a new wave of infections, raising concerns again among healthcare professionals.

Moreover, the coronavirus ended up combining with the common flu, which resulted in the infection called Flurona. If you haven’t heard about it yet, Flurona is a simultaneous infection of both influenza, the virus that causes the common flu, and coronavirus.

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61 thoughts on “New COVID Booster Vaccine: Who Must Get it This Time?”

    1. The vaccines have shown to make any current disorder you have worse. They destroy your immune system. Don’t believe the hype. Eat right exercise, get outside…you’lll be much better off than putting more of that poison in your body. Don’t do it.

      1. That is totally wrong. The vaccines do not cause anyone to get sick. The vaccine can/will cause symptoms because your immune system is making antibodies and reacts for your benefit.
        Its not poison, it does not contain any live cells.
        They do NOT harm or “destroy” your immune system.
        I have MS which is an auto immune disease.
        I cannot take any medicine that could affect the immune system generally. If a persons immune system were to be destroyed, they would quickly die from hundreds of rare and common disease.
        Wake up and stop listening to these conspiracy theories. Science is factually fouunded. Why would other countries endorse vaccines? This anti vax movement is not science or fact based.
        Do you believe the earth is flat and that the USA did not land a man on the moon in 1969?
        What about 9/11? Conspiracy on those also???

  1. I am 88 years old and refuse to take any vaccine. I no longer trust the medicines put out. With the Democrats running our Country, I no longer trust any office in our government.

    1. No need to get political about it…just take it if you need it or leave it alone! If your decision is based on Dems vs Reps you just might not have a gov’t to live under that offers you the choice! Trust GOD first!! Peace and blessings to you and yours!

    2. good for you. I am proud of you. Too many people bought into that bullcrap. I am just wondering however; hasn’t the very young, the elderly and the immunocompromised people at risk for any viral or bacterial infections? I mean why is this news? Its common sense. Now they are pushing fear onto the public again. If you fall into that category, by all means get the jab, but leave us otherwise healthy, free-thinking, not a sheep, people alone. I will not comply. People need to wake up.

      1. Very misinformed , and ignorant. You really don’t know what you are talking about. Who told you those lies? Conspiracy theories are adopted by mentally challenged people.
        Do you believe the Earth is flat?

      1. I agree Mike I received the first 2 vaccine injection and I will never get another for any reason
        I have never been so sick the Dr’s would not say it was due to the vaccine for fear of losing their license
        They were unable to Diagnose
        What caused my problems? There was one doctor that Saif. It was from the vaccination that the symptoms would start clearing up in about 67 months. And that doctor would spot on.
        I am now 74 And I would rather die than take another Vaccination

        1. You may easily die and even quicker by not getting vaccines. At your age you are high risk from dying from common ailments. It is critical for someone like you to protect yourself from common disease.
          Get your information from science based sources.

      2. Go for it Mike! This 82 year old Veteran and ,my wife and REFUSE TO COMPLY with this CD Pfizer Scam! This mRNA POISON vaccine (which does NOT prevent anyone from getting covid) does explain the high incidence of myocarditis and death among young people. We trust democrats like we trust the demented , bribe taking GRIFTER in the White House to ever tell Americans the truth about anything. How many more BOOSTER are you going to take before you wake up?

        1. Grifter? trump is the worse grifter in the history of the USA. You’re a fool for believing any of the extreem right’s propaganda.

    3. Im with you buddy, a patriot, a retired Military 24 years, DOS 16 years. Never have I seen this or now have no faith in our Gov run agencies…they are corrupt. Thank you Mr Trump. Bringing this to light.

      1. Trump is the one who rolled.out the vaccine and he stays boosted. Over 500,000 unvaccinated Republicans have died horribly since the vaccine became available, costing bout economy about 1 million per patient. They run to the hospitals and beg for ANYTHING to help. How hypocritical. If you hate science so much, have the decency to stay home.
        You complain about welfare but no one is more of a drain on society than these people who keep the crisis going and also have taken 1.5 Trillion dollars in corporate welfare in only one YEAR under Trump.

        You should nominate yourself for a HermanCainAward immediately!
        Yeah, the libs feel so owned when you die of covid.

        Meanwhile, I don’t know anyone who has even been hospitalized w covid, much less die from it or even have long covid.

        Truly it’s a national tragedy that we have the highest death rate in the world from.covid because of our antivax conspiracy.

    4. Vaccines are not political. I hope you rethink your position. There have been many deathbed conversions during COVID. Hopefully this will never be you.
      As for politics? People are using you by filtering your news through political filters. They are doing this to rile you up and they have something that they gain. How do you avoid this? Look up new bills and legislation, both local and national, and find out how your elected officials voted, and even more important- how that legislation affected or affects YOU.
      That’s how you vote. Vote for the people who do the best for you and yours. The party doesn’t matter- it’s all about your taxes working for you.
      And of course, holding up the rights of others so that when someone tries to take your rights away- others hold up your rights as important too. Have a great day!

    5. I’m so sorry to see that you’ve fallen for a line of rhetoric that is not only untrue, but politically manipulative! May you stay healthy in the midst of a growing reemergence of this virus, and also follow FACTs, not political fiction!🌹. Peace!

    6. I agree with you Betty I took the first shot and it almost killed me. I have friends that are Doctors and they tell not to take those shots. I think they should be called more like population control pills

    7. Good for you. They will use scare tactics like You’re going to die. But unless you have commodities the odds are in the 1000s. The ignorant still believe despite all research saying the opposite.

    8. Of course it’s a personal choice Ms. Jay, but I’ve had all required or recommended vaccines for Covid. I do not trust the Government under Democrats either, they have lost all my trust, but the vaccines have actually helped me.
      I’m a retired Marine and received so many shots I’ve lost count. Some had side effects such as VERY sore arm or hip, but that’s to be expected with some. My wife and I have taken the vaccines and were both in our 70s. The fear of the unknown can be strong, but really, the Government is not out to kill us. Whatever you decide, may you have many healthy years left.

    9. Neither did my 40 year old cousin, he is dead now, left 2 kids behind. The entire world is being vaccinated it has nothing to do with politics.

    10. Why do you not trust the vaccines? The Democrats are *not* who made them!
      Plus, a Republican president was in office when the first Covid-19 vaccine came out.

      You and I took vaccines as children also. Today’s vaccines are just as good.

  2. I’m 81 years old and look forward to getting my booster vaccine. I go get my shot early in the day and go home and lay down and take it easy.
    I’be got a high regard for vaccines to prolong my life and keep me healthy.

  3. Refuse the jab! It has killed people I know and there is a 15 year old boy with a brain bleed most likely because of it! My neighbor’s son in law died from a brain bleed! No thanks! No way! I already had Covid and survived! And you should be ashamed when hydroxychlorquine and Ivermectin have been proven to help! Shame on you for your greedy drugs that don’t work and only kill!

    1. You really need to consider getting help from a real MD. Almost every Doctor in the world supports taking the vaccines. You have been bamboozled.
      Do you know of the millions who have died from Covid? The vaccine is the way to protect yourselves.

  4. I am almost 73 and smoked for 40 years. I have had a full series of the Moderna vaccine with my fifth shot on 9/13/22. I would like to get the new booster shot. Can I take a Pfizer shot, or should I stick with Moderna? When will the Moderna booster be available to me in Broward County, Florida?

  5. I will get the new shot this week. I believe in the government even though I do not trust the Republicans. These shots won’t keep you from getting the covid but make it not as bad. Use your head … we have had immunizations to save lives.

    1. I so agree. This country has gone insane thanks to “The Donald”. We the older population are the reason no one has to fight Polio, Diptheria and other diseases. We got vaccinated against these things. I think it should be mandatory. But hey it you want to risk it and get hospitalize or die then so be it. My doctors (2) of them told me to get the new covid vaccine.

    2. My wife, 75, and myself,65, have taken all the vaccines. We never have had Covid or the flu. Everyone we know that did NOT take the vaccine got Covid, one with long Covid.
      I havent had the flu for over 30 years.

  6. I am 65 years old and have had covid once. my body built up an immunity of it. I know this because i have been hospitalized five times since then and have not tested positive since then. I have a history of blood clots in my family so I will NEVER get the shot for it because one of the side affects is blood clots and doctors have agreed with me on this. i don’t believe what the government is putting out there because I know the majority of cased they called corona is bull.

      1. Sadly the Covid virus mutates and changes to the point one must stay current up to date on the latest immunizations.

    1. Yes, because viruses mutate. Just as we have to do with the flu, we have to respond to the new mutations each year. The new virus requires a new booster… Definitely get it!

      No vaccine has been more “tested” in recent years than this one – hundreds of millions of people have taken it with no ill effects.

      Whereas many are still dying from Covid.

  7. Sorry folks, but it STILL HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED!!! It is still under EUA – emergency use authorization….ONLY. It usually takes at least 5 years of studies before any vaccine approval, so all of you who have had both shots and all the boosters – you are the lab rats, you are part of this global wide experiment. Have you ever asked yourself why all these side effects are now coming out? Because people are finally reporting them AND they are being vocal about it.
    Oh, and the Covid pandemic is over, the emergency is over, we are now left with a handful of new flu viruses to contend with every year. If this administration puts in place another mandate, I pray everyone fights back tooth and nail….there is absolutely no reason for one!

    1. Your “reaction” was your own immune system learning how to respond to the virus so that when it encounters it, it won’t take 2 weeks for your body to respond.

      In 2 weeks, the virus does so much damage that many die or have permanent damage.

      The world has had a terrible view of just how failed our educational system is – seeing how many Americans are incapable of understanding basic Biology and how our immune systems work, and also seeing how gullible many Americans are to fear baiting and rage baiting propaganda. Like children, they believe there’s a dark force out there that’s super coordinated, that manipulates them.

      They’ll believe anything they hear from Qanon and the people making money selling fear and rage on YouTube and other channels.

      They suck up propaganda, especially what is well understood by the rest of the world to be prep genocide hate propaganda, with no knowledge of how that exact same propaganda was used in Germany to justify atrocities.

      This fear of “they”. All the propagandists have to do is point out the terrifying ” they “, and the people they’ve brainwashed will commit atrocities, thinking they’re doing it for God and country.

      It’s the oldest manipulation in the world.

    1. You should do some deep research and not worry about sides. This is your health. I don’t trust anysides. They’re all out for themselves, an to make money.

    2. Jane the reason things are bad now is because of who IS running things, your stumbling around, confused old POTUS, who is terrified of press conferences with unanticipated questions.

    3. No I would not, no matter what party. I’ve had Covid twice and three shots. I’m afraid the CDC changes its’ mind far too often about vaccines and masks etc.

  8. If I had been vaccinated and received a booster who knows if I’ve still be around. I got covid in March 2020 and again August 16, 2023. In the latter time I felt like I had the flu. The first time it nearly killed me. You guys need to read up on this covid long haulers, like me , who are suffering daily with long covid. What’s that! You have a foggy brain, no saliva or mucus, swollen lymph nodes, dry lungs, chest pain and forget what it does to you emotionally. You feel weak and unmotivated. There’s no cure but Dr can provide some hope with steroids and anti viral meds. This is no joke and definitely not political.

  9. Looks like most people commenting don’t trust the gov’t., especially the dems. Can’t say I blame them with the Biden crime family running things. I won’t be getting the vac.

  10. Ive had it officially 3 times now and I still refuse to drink the government controlled magic fruit punch. Each time I’ve had it I get through the sickness quicker. I guess they will have to come up with a deadlier virus. And they will.

  11. I feel sorry for folks who actually believe that the government is lying, or that Covid doesn’t exist.
    Maybe when you lose a loved one, from Covid, you (maybe) will see the light.
    P.S. Too bad you’re too LAZY to do your own research.

  12. I’m 79 and have RA. Got vaccinated for flu and RSV. 3 days later, tested positive for Covid. Mild case. This is day 3 after testing. Feeling much better. Has been like common cold, to this point. Will test again later today.

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