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Long COVID Can Last 2 Years – Here Are The Signs You Have It

long covid
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COVID-19 has significantly affected our lives over the last three years. The number of cases and deaths related to the coronavirus has risen and fallen along with waves of variants and subvariants. But there’s one constant, experts say: an increase in long COVID cases.

But what exactly does long COVID mean? Well, it refers to the wide range of ongoing, new, or returning health issues that can impact people weeks or even months after they have recovered from a coronavirus infection. The World Health Organization defines this condition as having symptoms that usually start within three months of having COVID-19, last for at least two months, and can’t be related to another health issue.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, some of the symptoms are fatigue, heart palpitations, and brain fog. However, symptoms can vary from individual to individual, which means it’s not that easy to diagnose.

We’ve spoken with some long COVID experts, and they told us what the most common symptoms are and what you can do to help yourself recover.

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4 thoughts on “Long COVID Can Last 2 Years – Here Are The Signs You Have It”

  1. Shirline Andrews

    I just want to say “THANK YOU” for your continual free information on many topics especially Covid. You put FAITH back in the hands of the people and it is much appreciated. I have been following you for many years along with others that offer great information. God Bless you and all others that follow your path. Thank you once again!!

  2. Carolyn Archer

    Since I got the booster shots almost a year ago, my taste of food is altered to the point that if you blindfolded me and asked what I was eating, I wouldn’t know. How much longer must I wait until this corrects itself?

  3. Since having the Covid shots (2) the last one in February, 2021,I have had to lean to walk again (this being with the help of a walker), kidney problems, and 24/7 care. I can’t work, cook, wash clothes, shop, housework, etc. Will I ever be able to do these things again?
    I’ve had two doctors tell me they believe my medical conditions are due to reaction to Covid-19 vaccine.
    I would call this Long Covid! And with no hope of getting better and no one to blame.

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