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Having These 6 Symptoms? You May Have a Serious Heart Problem

Heart Problems
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If you had a heart problem, would you be able to detect it in time?

Heart disease continues to be the number 1 cause of death in America, along with cancer and diabetes. Unfortunately, many of us tend to be clueless when it comes to the signals our body sends us that something is wrong and we end up in situations where it’s too late to do anything anymore.

Technology and humanity evolve, many heart problems and health issues, in general, are easier to prevent and cure, beginning with the earliest signs. It’s good to know that not all diseases have a clear voice and you should definitely be aware of some common symptoms before it’s too late.

Be aware of your body’s condition at all times and try to implement some healthy foods into your diet that can help you stay away from trouble.

Symptoms may differ from men to women, so stay tuned till the end to find out if you have a heart problem you didn’t know about.

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4 thoughts on “Having These 6 Symptoms? You May Have a Serious Heart Problem”

  1. Patricia Palazzolo

    I so wish that articles like these would add “throat clearing” to “coughing” as a symptom of heart disease! Had I googled “coughing” instead of “constant throat clearing,” my husband might still be alive today. However, what my husband was doing in the months leading up to his “widow maker” heart attack did NOT sound like “coughing.” It was the “ahem ahem ahem” of throat clearing. Even the doctor dismissed it as kind of a tic or habit, since my husband was healthy and athletic . . . and I, reassured that my husband’s doctor did not seemed concerned, actually became annoyed at the sound. Googling “throat clearing” only brings up things like post nasal drip — and, sadly, not the serious situation of blood leaking back into the lungs, which is what was happening to my husband. He suffered a fatal heart attack while on a charity bike ride. Please — articles on “throat clearing” need to add “heart disease” as a possible cause and articles on heart disease need to list the symptom of concern as “coughing/throat clearing,” rather than just “coughing” so people can become aware.

    1. I am 76 and have had sinus problems for years, i clear my throat and cough all the time, so idk if one can say that indicates heart problems. thank you

  2. This article is very helpful. I’m constantly clearing my throat. My doctors associates the throat clearing to post nasal drip. The lymph nodes in my throat are always enlarged. I had a my enlarged tonsils removed hoping it would stop the throat clearing but it didn’t. Nothing seems to help with the constant clearing of my throat. I’m extremely concerned about it because I have a mild heart condition and a family history of heart attack and throat cancer. my doctors can’t explain why I have excess fluid around my heart.

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