Thursday, April 18

10 Body Parts You’re Washing Too Often

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When it comes to personal hygiene you might be tempted to think that the more you clean and groom yourself, the healthier you will be.

According to doctors, you only need to wash three parts of your body with soap daily: feet, armpits, and groin. It was proven that if you scrub your entire body daily with soap you may be at risk of destroying useful bacteria that help protect you.

Do you know what parts of the body that don’t need that much cleaning are? We studied what most of the medical personnel declared and we made a list of X parts of your body you’re washing way too often.

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2 thoughts on “10 Body Parts You’re Washing Too Often”

  1. ZZZzzzzZZZzzzzzz! Quit washing and see a doctor when you develop chronic amped out body odor!

    I am for good hygiene and pass on the doctors. Works for ME!

    This timely advice brought to you by Feral Tomm.

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