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Vitamin B12 deficiency in Older Adults: 10 Signs and Symptoms You Should Know About

Vitamin B12 Deficiency In Older Adults
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Vitamin B12 deficiency in older adults is becoming a worrying issue…Do YOU have it?

As you age, taking care of your body more is essential. And there are specific vitamins and minerals that, with time, become harder for your body to process or create independently.

For instance, vitamin B12 deficiency in older adults has increasingly become a worrying topic. Your body needs it to produce blood and enable brain function.

Vitamin B12 deficiency in older adults happens because the stomach acid that absorbs it from food begins to decline. So getting a blood test for this is vital as you age.

Because the average adult requires a mere 2.4 mg of Vitamin B12 a day, having enough of it to keep your body well-oiled and running shouldn’t be hard to achieve. But unfortunately, your body can’t make this vitamin on its own.

If you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, don’t worry. It’s perfectly natural to see vitamin B12 deficiency in older adults, and there are many ways to treat it. Click “Next” to learn about the 10 signs and symptoms that should worry you!

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