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8 Signs of a Heart Attack Seniors May Feel

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If you notice any symptom of a heart attack, immediate medical attention is crucial to save one’s life. The most common disorder among the elderly is a heart attack, especially in the U.S. Because a this usually occurs unexpectedly, there is little that can be done to prepare.

Heart attack symptoms vary between individuals; no two are similar. They are especially different between men and women. Some people may not have all of the symptoms at the same time.

And if you’ve had a heart attack previously, you may have different symptoms. With a fragile group like the elderly, it’s up to people around them to pay attention to any warning indications.

You can save a senior’s life or even yours if you pay attention to the frequent signs and symptoms.

Don’t wait for symptoms of a heart attack to appear in order to get informed on this matter, since this common issue among Americans is quite deadly. So keep reading to find out more about the risk factors, symptoms and what to do in case of a heart attack. 

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3 thoughts on “8 Signs of a Heart Attack Seniors May Feel”

  1. I just went through that. however the tired and fatigue continue, I have no energy, still have problems with shortness of breathing. I had been complaining to my primary doctor he didn’t seem concerned. The cardiologist does not seems, concerned with my fatigue I do not know weather they checked my heart thoroughly I still suffer with shortness of breath when I work hard. one thing they were very thorough with the bill, 75,000 for 2 days in the hospital and one meal.

  2. I am 84 years old. For almost 4 years, I have consulted with my PCP,
    complaining of the mentioned symptoms. I even went to ER couple of times.
    Recently, while visiting my Daughter (in a neighboring state) I was finally diagnosed with AFib in the ER. After a week’s stay in the hospital my heart rate was stabilized. I was given a 30 day supply of blood thinners and heart med, discharged and told to return to my PCP for ‘follow-up’.
    My experience has taught me that the medical professionals are too often not as aware of the symptoms of heart problems, as the general public!!

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