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7 Cancer Causing Foods You MUST Avoid

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Cancer Causing Foods

Did you know that lots of your favorite foods contain substances called carcinogens? They are what cause cancer in the body. Medical research has identified over two hundred different types of them so far.

Possible signs and symptoms of cancer include abnormal bleeding, a lump found in the body, unexplained weight loss, sudden change in bowel movements, frequent fevers or infections, feeling fatigued, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, or even coughing.

While these symptoms may point to a possible cancerous development in the body, they can also emerge with other health issues. Millions of people each year are diagnosed with different types of cancer such as breast, ovarian, skin, oral, colon, lung, bladder, and many other types of cancers.

The good news is that you CAN lower the chances of getting cancer by modifying your diet. Research shows that cancer is preventable when you make some changes.

The list of ingredients is often long on the labels of foods sold in supermarkets. So let’s learn to recognize the additives that can play a role in developing cancer to avoid them better.

Keep reading to see the 7 foods you should stay away from!

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  1. Use of anti-oxidants works well. Free radicals are the enemy. Standard vitamins do help. The newer immunity supplements NAC, Lycopene, pomergranate are breakthrough stuff.

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