Tuesday, February 27

8 Surprisingly Healthy Habits You Thought Were Bad

Surprisingly Healthy Habit
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Surprisingly healthy habit: Drinking an energy drink

If you drink energy drinks, you’re probably used to the shaming look you get from people when you pop open a can of sugar-free Red Bull. The questions, not to mention judgment, never end. Folks will say things like: “That stuff’ will kill you,” and shake their head.

You also hear: “So many chemicals!” But the reality is that Red Bull, at least the sugar-free kind, isn’t all that bad for you.

Besides only having ten calories and being sugar-free, it also only has about 80mgs of caffeine, which is about a third of the amount in a tall Starbucks coffee. And as far as its other ingredients, including B vitamins and taurine, scientific studies show that both are safe.

So we can technically consider this one a surprisingly healthy habit!

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