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16 Genius Fruit and Vegetable Storage Tips You Need to Know About

Vegetable Storage Tip
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Have you tried these fruit and vegetable storage tips?

It happens to the best of us…you buy some fresh fruits and veggies and stick them in the fridge only to find them a few weeks later looking rotten and shriveled. There’s nothing like having fresh produce in the house.

Whether grabbing fruit for a snack or cooking with vegetables, fresh is always best in our book. So, let’s talk about some fruit and vegetable storage tips to ensure your fruits and veggies last longer!

To avoid throwing them out, knowing where and how to store them and which foods to keep separate from each other is essential. Remember that some fruits produce ethylene gas, making others rot faster.

So, on that note, check out 10 fruit and vegetable storage tips that will help keep your produce fresher longer so you get your money’s worth.

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