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8 Signs You May Have Had Flurona Without Knowing It

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6. Diarrhea

If you’ve experienced digestive disorders like diarrhea that were accompanied by other flu-like symptoms, there’s a chance you’ve had flurona. While influenza is a common cause of respiratory illness, it can sometimes cause diarrhea. The virus somehow travels to the gastrointestinal tract after a respiratory infection, but researchers don’t know exactly how it’s spread.

Early COVID symptoms include diarrhea, too. Keep in mind that this ailment alone can’t necessarily indicate that it’s a coronavirus or influenza.

7. Heart Palpitations or Chest Pain

Early strains of the coronavirus were known to cause severe cardiovascular complications, especially in those with pre-existing heart conditions. Fortunately, new COVID strains are less deadly, but they can still cause symptoms like chest pain or palpitations. You may also experience tightness in your chest. All of these episodes can occur even after the coronavirus clears your body.

While the flu doesn’t necessarily cause heart issues, the influenza virus can significantly increase the chance of complications if the host has certain diseases. If you have heart palpitations or chest pain and have recently had the flu, you may actually have had flurona. We truly recommend seeking medical assistance immediately for this.

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