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8 Signs You May Have Had Flurona Without Knowing It

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8. Someone You Know Had Similar Symptoms Too

Both flu and COVID are contagious. From inadvertently sharing a drink with a loved one to an errant sneeze on the train, the risk of catching the virus is pretty high if you are around someone else who has it.

If you visited your relatives or some friends came to your house and one of them seemed a bit sick, chances are they had the flurona before and passed it on to you too.


Because most common symptoms can also indicate other respiratory infections, it’s impossible to tell if you’ve had flurona based solely on your symptoms. The most accurate way to know if you’ve had this co-infection is to take a blood test to see if your body has produced the antibodies that fight the virus.

Both influenza and coronavirus are spread by being in close contact with someone carrying the virus and either touching the same surfaces as them or breathing the same air. This means the same preventative measures can be taken to avoid them: social distancing, frequent handwashing, wearing a facemask, and ensuring rooms are well-ventilated.

The chance of getting infected is also significantly reduced through vaccinations, so they’re highly recommended.

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