Tuesday, July 16

8 Signs You May Have Had Flurona Without Knowing It

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4. Red, Watery Eyes

Do your eyes look and feel different? While a common cause of red, watery eyes is an allergy, if you recently experienced flu-like symptoms, chances are you’ve actually had flurona. Influenza doesn’t actually make your eyes get red, but coronavirus can do that.

Throughout the pandemic, we heard this so many times: Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face! One reason for this is that coronavirus can affect your eyes. If you had blurred vision, conjunctivitis (pinkeye), or watering eyes and recently experienced flu-like symptoms, it might have been caused by the flurona.

5. Extreme Fatigue

Both the flu and coronavirus can make you feel extremely tired, but it’s not the kind of fatigue that simply goes away with a good night’s sleep. In more severe cases, those infected may experience brain fog, another long COVID sign.

Therefore, if you had that kind of extreme exhaustion that didn’t improve with plenty of sleep, it could have been a sign of the coronavirus or flurona. In this case, the feeling may return days and sometimes weeks later. If you experienced flu-related symptoms weeks ago and you still feel extremely tired, this may be a telltale sign you’ve had flurona.

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