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8 Signs You May Have Had Flurona Without Knowing It

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2. Shortness of Breath

While this isn’t a typical flu symptom, co-infection with a coronavirus and influenza can result in a combination of the two diseases’ symptoms.

Let’s say you’ve had the flu and fought off its symptoms, but you’re now experiencing shortness of breath. Well, this may be a telltale sign that you’ve actually had either COVID or flurona. In fact, breathing issues seem to be one of those long-term symptoms that persist for weeks or even months after a coronavirus infection.

Keep in mind that this is a serious condition that needs proper medical attention so don’t overlook it.

3. Persistent Cough

A dry cough can happen for many reasons, including the flu, COVID, asthma, allergies, postnatal drip, and even medication. But there is a new condition to add to this list: flurona. Yes, this co-infection can leave you with a lingering, dry cough.

With the flu, people most often experience this symptom, but it will go away within a week or so. This means that a flu-related cough shouldn’t cause any long-term effects. However, if you’ve been sick for a while and you have a lingering, dry cough, this may be a sign you’ve actually had flurona.

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