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How to Work Out When You Have a Chronic Illness

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Learn what really works for you

Lots of chronic diseases come with aches and pains, making it all too difficult to navigate any exercise routine. Observe what kind of exercises reduce or even diminish pain and focus on the workouts that MOTIVATE you. Many studies concluded that if you enjoy working out, you will feel motivated to stick to a routine.

The first steps of exercising:

An exercise schedule should be customized and unique to every individual’s needs, as Dr. Schwartz concluded. You should definitely start with your own groundwork of breathing exercises to reduce stress. Also, don’t rush into anything!

If it will take you a while to figure out what kind of exercise routine you should be doing, then so be it! The last thing you want is to rush your body into something that’s way too much for day one. Instead, try stretching and waking at first until you feel comfortable adding something that’s more demanding to your body.

Don’t forget to be flexible. When you’re dealing with a chronic illness, no one expects you to become a professional athlete. Don’t get too attached to your daily goal or strict workout schedule. Listen to your body and find your own rhythm.

If you start noticing signs that your workout routine is harmful to your body, you might need to reduce the intensity or allow your body to recover. The whole point of it is to FEEL better, not worse, so you should be smart about it.

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