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How to Work Out When You Have a Chronic Illness

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How to start working out more

Before starting any kind of exercise program, you have to evaluate your fitness level. This is even more crucial for someone who suffers from a chronic disease and might encounter different problems while exercising, mostly due to a lack of endurance.

It’s very important to start slow, as you might end up feeling dizzy, weak, or even confused. If you exercise with someone else, that would be even better. We would advise you to ease into working out with your duration and frequency to avoid unwanted stress on the body, but most importantly, to avoid burnout. Exercise can play a crucial role in uplifting your mood and easing depression, but also sharpening your cognitive functioning.

Another issue you should consider is the lack of patience caused by slower progress. As an example, someone who suffers from arthritis might feel uncomfortable doing repetitive motions, meaning a hike or a weight load is definitely off the table. These scenarios will remind you to find your own speed for achieving your well-being.

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