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How to Work Out When You Have a Chronic Illness

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Should I exercise with a chronic illness?

When you’re not able to perform simple tasks in your day-to-day living, working out definitely seems like the last thing on your list. Even so, it still has some benefits. Dr. Schwartz strongly recommends exercising for those who suffer from chronic illness but also advises considering some limitations, depending on how serious the illness is.

As she added, exercising might prove to be a good thing for your health. It will boost your immune system, release endorphins, elevate your mood, increase your circulation, lower your blood pressure, and reduce stress. But until you reach this point, you will have to learn your limits and accept them.

For example, if you’re dealing with flare-ups, which might be the main cause of inflammation or other symptoms that would prevent you from performing a high-energy workout, you should consider other types of movement, such as walking a pet, a gentle yoga class, or even dancing.

Also, you could try talking to a doctor or even hiring a certified personal trainer if you’re dreaming of more intense workouts. Professionals are there to help you find a suitable routine that will help you prevent injury.

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