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9 Delicious Senior Muscle Recovery Foods You’ll Want to Know About

Senior Muscle Recovery Food
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Let’s discuss some senior muscle recovery foods to keep you healthy!

According to a study on muscle changes with aging, muscle mass decreases roughly 3–8% every 10 years after age 30. This rate of decline grows even more after the age of 60.

Losing muscle mass can mean loss of body strength and a growth in fat mass, and poses a considerable risk for a lack of balance and mobility and an elevated risk for injuries and falls.

Also, it can cause a reduction in bone density, increase joint stiffness, and contribute to a slight decrease in stature. Along with maintaining muscles with exercise, aging adults can help fight muscle loss by eating high protein-rich senior muscle recovery foods.

Discover the best protein sources for seniors to help build muscle in your diet! These are 9 of the best senior muscle recovery foods to eat if you want to gain strength and prevent unnecessary muscle mass loss that comes with aging.

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