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9 Delicious Senior Muscle Recovery Foods You’ll Want to Know About

Senior Muscle Recovery Food
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Sour cherry juice

Drinking this senior muscle recovery food can benefit trained athletes and beginner gym-goers. Research shows that sour cherry juice and extract boost muscle recovery and mitigate delayed-onset muscle soreness.

DOMS is a sort of muscle injury that results from unknown or intense exercise. It causes symptoms like swelling, the painful restriction of movement, and stiffness. In addition to DOMS, exercise increases cellular damage, oxidative stress, and inflammation.

But the good news is that antioxidant-rich foods and drinks can reduce these side effects and encourage recovery. Sour cherry juice is high in plant compounds called anthocyanins.

They have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and might decrease perceived soreness and exercise-induced muscle damage.

A study performed in a 2021 review found that drinking sour cherry juice accelerated muscle recovery, decreased DOMS, and lowered markers of inflammation after activity.

Results from many other studies also indicate that drinking sour cherry juice or taking supplements or extracts of this senior muscle recovery food benefits muscle recovery and improves DOMS.

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