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10 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Water According to Experts

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#8 You always have a water bottle or glass and you’re almost obsessively making sure it’s always full

If you always find yourself reaching for your water bottle or the water glass you keep on your desk and you find them empty, it may be a sign that you’re drinking too much. This means that you constantly have to refill it, which in turn means you’re getting too many liquids in your system.

Constantly drinking any sort of liquid will not ensure that you’re hydrated, but rather it will fall on the other side of the scale and slowly start depleting the sodium levels in your blood. Having low sodium levels can lead to the swelling of various cells in your body, which can even end up causing your brain to swell. It only has enough space to swell about 8 to 10 percent before it is pressed against your skull and your brain stem starts to be pushed out.

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