Tuesday, July 16

10 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Water According to Experts

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#7 You’re nauseated, and you even vomit, or you have diarrhea

You may know that if you’re dehydrated you can end up being nauseated, but did you know that it can happen when you’re overhydrated as well? When you drink too much of it, your whole system is thrown off kilter and your kidneys will soon no longer be able to get rid of all the excess water. In turn, your body will end up collecting water which can lead to the swelling we were talking about beforehand.

What’s more, if your body keeps retaining water, it can give you some truly nasty symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and a general state of nausea. You can treat those at home, but when they become a staple in your life it’s obvious you’re doing something wrong.

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