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10 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much Water According to Experts

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#3 Your throbbing headaches may be caused by this

Are you suffering from horrible, throbbing headaches? Despite the many factors that could be involved, you could also either be dehydrated or overhydrated. Your body can start to swell when it’s not producing and maintaining normal sodium levels, and when you end up drinking too much water, these levels will be thrown off course. As a result, the low salt concentration will start to impact your cells, which will start growing and this will also impact your brain

When your brain swells, it will press against the sides of your skull which in turn will raise the pressure in your skull. The outcome is a throbbing headache, which with time can develop into more serious symptoms such as breathing issues and brain impairment. If you suffer from this symptom you should definitely try to cut down on the water before it gets too bad!

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