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Top 9 Things You Should NEVER Do Before a Blood Test

blood test
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3. Avoid heavy training or physical activity one day before

A small physical activity like stretching, yoga, or a simple walk in the park won’t affect anything. It is recommended to resume your usual daily routine of physical activities before blood tests.

On the other hand, if you plan on working a tad hard, we advise you to postpone it for two or three days after the tests. Why? Because intense exercise will induce considerable changes in the amounts of inflammatory markers in the blood as well as lipids, white blood cells, glucose, and red blood cells.

Additionally, before the test itself, it is a good idea to discuss the fitness plan with your doctor.

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2 thoughts on “Top 9 Things You Should NEVER Do Before a Blood Test”

  1. I’ve only heard of some of the suggestions when fasting was necessary. I was told for most tests you want things as normal as possible so they can see what your levels are under normal circumstances.

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