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Top 9 Things You Should NEVER Do Before a Blood Test

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2. Overeating 8 to 12 hours before the test

If you must go to the laboratory first thing in the morning, you might want to avoid eating. Even if it’s about a sandwich or a croissant. Most doctors will recommend avoiding food completely on the blood test day because it might affect the result pretty badly.

Furthermore, it is crucial to avoid eating too much fat the day before the test. Also, candy and foods based on processed carbs are forbidden from the list. However, you’re still able to eat more than 150 grams of carbohydrates (healthy ones like fruits, vegetables, or whole grains).

If you’re going to check your cholesterol levels, doctors recommend fasting for at least 10 hours before the test. Otherwise, the results may be higher than usual and interpreted as having a certain medical issue. Be careful!

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  1. I’ve only heard of some of the suggestions when fasting was necessary. I was told for most tests you want things as normal as possible so they can see what your levels are under normal circumstances.

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