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Avocado Toast Drawbacks: Is It REALLY as Healthy as Everyone Says?

Did you know about these avocado toast drawbacks?

Avocado toast has been taking the breakfast world by storm and is praised as one of the most delicious and nutritious meal options.

But, amidst the social media snapshots and culinary praise, Healthy Reads has a serious question: Are there any hidden drawbacks to this chic dish? While avocado toast has gained a reputation as a health-conscious choice, it’s vital to delve deeper into its possible downsides.

So today, we’ll explore the often-overlooked avocado toast drawbacks and examine whether it truly lives up to its wholesome image.

From its impact on your midsection to its environmental footprint, we’ll uncover the lesser-known factors that might give you pause before taking another bite.

Join us as we dissect the reality behind the avocado toast drawbacks. Let’s uncover the truth and see if avocado toast truly stacks up to its shining reputation.

Avocado Toast Drawback
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For those who don’t already know…what EXACTLY is avocado toast?

In its simplest form, avocado toast is bread toasted and completed with either sliced or mashed avocado. But many folks will add extra toppings like eggs, vegetables, fruits, seasonings, and so on.

It’s become a popular breakfast menu item, enjoyed both at home and in restaurants. But there ARE some avocado toast drawbacks.

As public nutrition messaging has embraced dietary fat in recent years, especially fat from plant-based sources like avocado, this breakfast delight has become a favorite among health and fitness aficionados.

…Now that we’ve covered what it actually is, what are some avocado toast drawbacks?

Avocado toast drawback: They’re not a complete breakfast

Because they’re a fruit, one avocado toast drawback is that avocados are very low in protein. Protein is very significant in the morning because it boosts energy and keeps you feeling fuller longer. Avocado toast is essentially carbs plus fat.

To make avocado toast complete, you’ll need whole grain bread and an added egg on top. This leads us to number 2 …

Avocado toast drawback: Your wallet will take a huge hit

According to CNN, avocado prices skyrocketed a few years ago by 125% in LESS THAN A YEAR! The high demand for them has made that regular avocado toast breakfast a severe investment.

Regardless, making your avocado toast at home is more economical than getting it at a restaurant.

Avocado toast drawback: Avocado is trying to steal the egg’s spotlight

Truth be told, there’s nothing an egg can’t improve…and you can quote us on that. For a good reason, though! Eggs on toast have been a breakfast staple forever.

They’re ALSO healthy fats, and they’re chock-full of protein. Also, if you stop to do the math, eggs are much more affordable.

Avocado toast drawback: Avocados have a significant effect on the environmental

Their increased production leads to the deforestation of other species, requires enormous amounts of water, causes repeated chemical infusions to be used in the soil, and emits a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Regardless of whether or not you think avocado toast is overrated, you should reconsider making it your daily go-to breakfast order.

Avocado toast drawback: This fruit can be used in so many other delicious ways

If you’re going to consume avocados, squishing them into a pulp and spreading them over a piece of toast is not the most delicious or the most creative way you can eat them.

Avocados are ripe for use in many other ways: guacamole, mayonnaise substitute on sandwiches or in salads, fries, pasta sauce, or something sweet if that’s more to your taste.

You can even make a mask and put it on your face or in your hair! But avocado toast? We say you can put those creative green juices to work!

Avocado Toast Drawback
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Mistakes people make with avocado toast

Using overripe avocado

How can we tell if an avocado has crossed the threshold from ripe to overripe? By looking at it, an overripe avocado will look dark brown on the outside, usually matte rather than shiny. It might have a few big indents on the surface.

Feeling the avocado provides further insight. An overripe one feels soft and mushy. If you notice they’ve reached a perfect degree of ripeness, eat them immediately or store them in the fridge until you can.

Using underripe avocados

An underripe avocado won’t deliver the silky texture and rich flavor that we love in our precious avocado toast. Attempting to force an underripe avocado onto your toast simply doesn’t quite work.

So, how do you know if an avocado isn’t ripe yet? First, if the skin is a bright green, it’s almost definitely underripe. Next, if it feels rock solid, it needs a couple more days at room temperature to ripen.

Not seasoning your avocado

This breakfast mistake will leave your meal disappointing and bland. Even though it’s creamy and delicious, avocado is a blank canvas waiting to be flavored. Without seasoning, it risks tasting bland. Seasoning unlocks the full potential of your precious avocado.

Salt might be basic, but don’t rule it out. A pinch of salt balances the richness. Pepper will add a subtle kick and depth. But there are all sorts of seasoning options beyond this. You can scatter some red pepper flakes for a spicy twist.

And garlic powder, or even fresh minced garlic, adds some major flavor. Mixing finely chopped fresh herbs into mashed avocado also adds an extra layer of flavor.

Not experimenting with bread choices

Forget the days of mundane sliced white loaves. Experimenting with different bread types for your avocado toast is the secret to unlocking new textures and flavors. Here are some breads you can try for your avocado toast:

-French loaf or baguette: These breads have hearty crusts and chewy textures that hold avocado well.
-Sourdough: Its robust, tangy flavor and sturdy texture deliver the perfect canvas for creamy avocado. This bread’s chewiness adds a   lovely contrast to creamy avocado.
-Whole grain or multigrain bread: These bread varieties offer a satisfying crunch that completes the smooth avocado.
-Brioche: Its buttery, slightly sweet shape takes the avocado experience to a whole new level. The contrast between the rich, tender   brioche and the creamy avocado is a match made in breakfast heaven.

Avocado Toast Drawback
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How to make an incredible avocado toast

Now that we’ve discussed the avocado toast drawbacks, let’s talk about making the perfect breakfast toast! A basic avocado toast is fairly simple to make. Just toast your bread and top it with either sliced or mashed avocado and a bit of sea salt. But there are many interesting and flavorful ways to level up your avocado toast.

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and mix and match your toppings for a savory or sweet meal. Here are a few ideas for toppings:

-Egg, any style
-Sunflower seeds with a squeeze of lime
-Sliced radishes,  pistachios, and arugula with ground pepper
-Crumbled goat cheese and freshly sliced figs
-Sliced tomato and everything bagel seasoning
-Smoked salmon with sliced cucumbers and chives
-Sliced strawberries and a mist of balsamic glaze
-Red onion, corn, and chopped jalapeno
-Tomato, basil, and mozzarella
-Black beans, shredded Monterey Jack cheese, and salsa

Before you leave, don’t forget to leave us a comment to let us know what you think about these avocado toast drawbacks. And if you found this article interesting, Healthy Reads has much more to offer it’s readers.

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