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10 Surprising Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

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Have you noticed that vitamin D has been a major topic in the news lately? Also called the sunshine vitamin, it is essential to your general health, primarily because it boosts your immune system’s ability to fight infections. Several studies have shown that it helps the body to recover faster. Basically, that’s the reason why vitamin D got so famous during the coronavirus pandemic.

As you probably know already, vitamin D is closely linked to sun exposure. That’s why many people tend to have a deficiency during the winter months. For instance, a study has pointed out that about 42% of Americans are deficient. But before we talk some more about this, let’s see what this vitamin does exactly.

To be able to absorb calcium, your body needs vitamin D to help bone health and growth. Although it hasn’t been shown that vitamin D deficiency could lead to certain diseases, some studies have found a few links between high levels of vitamin D and a lower risk of disease. Here are other benefits:

  • Improves muscle strength.
  • Helps to keep both your bones and your heart healthy.
  • Boosts your mood.
  • Improves your sleep.

The recommended daily amount is 400-800 IU, but many experts believe that a higher daily intake is optimal.

Now, if you usually feel exhausted and worn out and you don’t know why, keep reading to find out other signs of sunshine vitamin deficiency to check whether you have it or not.

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5 thoughts on “10 Surprising Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency”

  1. what one needs is a good multivitamin as their are to many interactions but then the companies wouldn’t make so much money and since no one checks what’s in them you might be getting goat terds called smart pills. All symptoms noted are nonspecific requiring checking more than vitamin D.

    1. Great post and you posted on my birthday. Late afternoon nude sunbathing is also great. You are out of the midday sun and able to enjoy the sun’s rays on your skin. The sun is a great source of vitamin D.

  2. This is a main reason why I am a Naturist. A Naturist is one who practices nudism outdoors for the benefit of getting sunlight on the whole body as the sun is a natural source of vitamin D. To avoid sunburn and possible skin cancer, the best times are very early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Avoid the harmful rays of the midday sun.
    One nudist resort I go to allows me to be in the shade during the mid day where I also go swimming. As a precaution, I also use some sunscreen. Around 4:00 PM the sun has set enough where it is safe to sunbath nude and not get burned. Even better times are between 5 and 6:30 PM. Just enjoy the sun’s rays on your whole body. Your buttocks is the best place to get sun and much needed vitamin D.

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