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9 Ways You Can Combat Hair Loss in 2022

…Have you ever experienced any hair loss issues?

I don’t know about you, but I believe that hair loss is one of the most annoying and even depressing things that can happen to someone, whether you’re a female or a male.

You work so hard on keeping your hair moisturized, shiny, healthy, long, and without split ends, and suddenly, you notice that all your efforts are in vain.

There are quite a few things you can do to prevent your hair from falling like crazy, but not all treatments work for everyone. You need to find the reasons that are behind this problem and look for ways that are suitable in your case.

For instance, there are women who experience hair loss after pregnancy (a phenomenon called telogen effluvium), but this problem might resolve itself on its own. There are also other factors that can make your hair more sensitive, such as stress, lack of nutrients, lack of sleep, and so many other things.

Even though it’s normal for your hair to shed daily, if you notice that your hair falls in extremely large amounts, it might be time to consider talking to your doctor about this issue.

Here are some ways you can combat hair loss in 2022.

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9 Ways You Can Combat Hair Loss in 2022

1. Vitamin A 

Vitamin A is a substance that is composed of a few ingredients, in part retinoid. Several studies have discovered that retinoids are great for speeding the hair growth process.

In addition to that, vitamin A works wonders for other things as well, such as keeping the scalp healthier, stronger, and able to retain more hairs, and it can also regulate sebum production.

For external treatment, you can look for shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks that contain this ingredient. However, you shouldn’t forget that you can speed the process by consuming foods that are rich in vitamin A, such as spinach, sweet potatoes, and sweet peppers.

2. Try the Mediterranean diet

In conformity with a study from 2018, a diet that is rich in fresh herbs, lean proteins, and raw vegetables can help reduce the risk of extreme hair loss.

In addition to that, this diet was also linked to healthier and glowy skin, shinier hair, and a leaner physique. If you want to try eating more foods that are part of the Mediterranean diet, make sure to include salmon, basil, green salads, and parsley in your diet.

If you have no idea where to start, you can google meal ideas for your specific needs and you will be happy to see the quality of your hair improved!

3. Multivitamin

There are a lot of scientists who discovered that substances such as zinc, iron, selenium, and vitamins A, B, C, and D are key ingredients for hair growth.

You can find packs of daily multivitamins at the grocery stores, and drugstores or you can talk to your doctor about this. For a stronger effect, make sure to include foods in your diet that are rich in these vitamins and minerals, such as dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, green beans, pumpkin, cauliflower, carrots, squash, and asparagus.

4. Ginseng

Ginseng is a miraculous substance that contains a lot of phytochemicals that are great for hair growth and a healthy scalp. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough studies for ginseng, but you can talk to your doctor about its benefits and how it might help you reach your hair growth goals.

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5. Coconut oil

If you’ve read articles about celebrities’ beauty tips, you already know that all of them include coconut oil in their routines. Whether they use it as a body moisturizer, for cooking, or as a hair mask, this is a key ingredient for many of them.

And they are right to do so because according to a review of studies from 2018, research thinks that coconut oil is great for preventing your hair from getting damaged due to ultraviolet light exposure and grooming.

This magic oil contains lauric acid, which helps bind the proteins that are in the composition of your hair. As a result, your hair will be shinier, softer, and stronger.

If you can heat some coconut oil in your microwave or in the store for a few seconds and massage it into the scalp. Make sure to apply some of it on your ends as well, to protect them from aggressive brushing and breakage.

You can leave the coconut oil on for 30 minutes or even overnight and wash your hair as usual. You can repeat the whole process once a week if you want to prevent hair loss and help your hair grow stronger and healthier.

6. Essential oils

Scientists believe that essential oils are great products that can help you reduce hair loss. The “recipe” for this is to use oils that include peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, and rosemary and mix a few drops with a sufficient quantity of jojoba oil, carrier, or grapeseed.

You can mix it with coconut oil as well if you want the process to be faster and more efficient. After you get the mixture ready, apply it to the scalp for 10 minutes before you jump in the shower to wash your hair.

7. Eating more protein

I’m sure you’ve heard that food is medicine and we should pay more attention to our diets if we want our bodies to look a certain way or improve our overall health.

The same rule applies to your beauty regimen, because if you have a diet that is rich in healthy and nutritious foods, you will notice that your hair looks like it’s straight out of a shampoo commercial, and you feel better and energized throughout the day.

Speaking of food, your hair follicles are made mostly of keratin, which is a special kind of protein. Several studies have discovered that people who had problems with their hair falling out were actually lacking protein in their diets.

Given the fact that your hair is made out of protein, you need to eat more of it to actually nourish it. Make sure to include natural foods that are packed with protein, such as fish, turkey, chicken, beans, chickpeas, nuts, eggs, peas, and low-fat dairy products.

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8. Regular washing

Even though everyone wants to have clean hair every single day, washing it too often does more harm than good. Even though there are people who say that you can wash your hair every single day with the condition to use a mild shampoo, researchers think that this information is not that accurate.

There is no key formula regarding this topic, but for the average person, washing their hair every other day or every 2 to 3 days is perfectly fine. However, if you notice that your hair is visibly oily and your scalp is itching, these are signs that you need to shampoo your hair.

Make sure to use products that contain mostly natural ingredients and that don’t make your hair even more sensitive.

9. Olive oil

Another natural ingredient that works wonders for your hair is olive oil. You can use it the same as coconut oil, if you want to protect it from dryness and breakage.

In addition to that, make sure to use olive oil in your diet as well, because it’s one of the key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet (see number 2 on our list).


To sum up this article, we can say that if you want to get rid of hair loss problems and keep your hair as healthy and as strong as possible, there are a few ways you can do that.

Make sure to include more foods that are rich in protein into your diet, do hair masks that contain olive and coconut oil, try essential oils and the Mediterranean diet, and don’t forget to take your vitamins!

…If you want to know more tips and tricks regarding your health, make sure to check this article out:

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