Monday, July 15

If You’ve Ever Had COVID, Watch Out For These Stroke Signs

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Can COVID-19 still give you problems after you have been healed?

Unfortunately, it is true! Not only are many people living with what was dubbed “long-term COVID”, but the disease itself can actually lead you to develop a ton of side effects that are going to follow you all your life. A lot of them we are well aware of now, but recently there have been more and more discoveries made after thorough research that points to the obvious association between COVID-19 and the possibility of having a stroke after you have had the disease.

It seems like, with this disease, there is no way to come back unharmed. Of course, there have been a lot of people who have been asymptomatic and others who have had to bear with the effects but still ended up completely healed afterward. However, there are a lot of people that do not know about the dangers that you are being exposed to after you are theoretically all healed!

Stroke is pretty high on the list, and together with other information researchers have since discovered, a lot of the adults and seniors that have had CVID are not exposed to a higher risk of having one. From what are the signs of stroke to how and why this happens to all people, we have gathered all the information and answers to all the most pressing questions that link COVID and stroke here!

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