Thursday, April 18

7 Surprising Reasons You Are Constantly Hungry

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It’s normal to experience hunger after going a long time without eating since your body needs food to provide the energy you need to get through the day. While some people can go longer periods without eating, others become hungry within a few hours. These are all personal differences that can vary from person to person. In general, if you eat at least three times daily and follow a balanced diet, you should be alright.

When you’re hungry, your stomach may “roar” and feel empty, and you may also have headaches, be irritable, or have difficulty focusing.

As we said before, it is normal to feel hungry several hours after your last meal, but if you feel hungry constantly or immediately after eating, maybe you should see your doctor.

But you don’t have to be worried because there are typically a few straightforward reasons for your hunger. A diet lacking in proteins, fats, or fiber, excessive stress, or dehydration are a few potential causes.

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