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Top 5 Causes of Toothache (and Cures That Won’t Break the Bank)

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4. Wisdom teeth

If you still have your wisdom teeth and are having pain in the upper back and bottom molar regions, it’s likely time to have them extracted. Significant discomfort may result if wisdom teeth are not extracted when they are ready to come out. Around your molars in the back of your mouth, where your wisdom teeth are located, you’ll notice a painful and possibly red area if they are ready to erupt.

This discomfort won’t go away when your wisdom teeth develop, especially if they develop sideways or in an unnatural position. If this occurs, they may press against nearby teeth, bones, and nerves. Over time, this malformation of the teeth can cause serious toothaches, funky breath, and a bad taste in the mouth whenever you’re eating something.

Even if they’re called wisdom teeth, they have no purpose in the mouth, and it’s more painful and complicated to have them rather than simply remove them completely. In case you’re experiencing pain until the appointment, try to mix some salt water and a couple of drops of coconut oil in a glass. Gargle the mixture, and then wait an hour until you eat again. This homemade cure is supposed to ease your pain and make you feel a bit better until the surgery is done.

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