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5 Signs of High Blood Pressure (and What May Cause Yours)

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Be in the know about what causes high blood pressure and what could point toward having it!

Unfortunately, high blood pressure is a much more common disease than most would believe. The American Heart Association’s 2023 report revealed that almost half of all American adults over the age of 20 have hypertension. This accounts for more than 122 million people, and that is not a small number by any means. The most surprising thing is that a lot of these people may not even know that they are at risk of hypertension or even exhibit signs of this medical issue, which just puts them at increased risk of other health issues.

In order to help you understand hypertension and also recognize the signs that you may have it so that you can go and talk to your doctor about it, we have gathered all the relevant information about this disease and its symptoms. The best course of action is to be in the know and have all your basics covered. That way, if you or a loved one are exhibiting symptoms, you know to act on them promptly so they don’t hinder your day-to-day activities or impose on your quality of life!

What is your experience with high blood pressure? Let us know in the comments down below about it!

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