Monday, May 27

Seeing THIS on Your Skin? You Might Have a Serious Illness!

Photo by ANN PATCHANAN from Shutterstock

Even if the skin is outside your body, it might be a surprisingly good window to have a look at what’s happening “inside”. In fact, you can tell a lot just by looking at your skin, and a dermatologist’s trained eye has the ability to see “right through it,” so to speak.

One of the most relevant signs is how much outdoor exposure they had, just by looking at the sun damage they carry on their skin. Here, I’m talking about wrinkles, spots, pigmentation, and even loss of elasticity.

Skin is also one of the most efficient ways in which you can see how sleep-deprived some folks are, and those droopy, saggy, dark circles under their eyes never lie. Even more, skin can tell dermatologists if you’re drinking enough water, as one of the best signs of dehydration is sunken-looking skin around the eyes, but also dry skin.

What about the smokers’ skin? You can see that from miles away, as their skin is oftentimes more pale and sallow in color, and some of them have wrinkles around the lips. But on top of that, skin can indicate to doctors various underlying illnesses, and let’s see what that’s about:

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