Long COVID Can Last 2 Years – Here Are The Signs You Have It

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5. Muscle Pain

Muscle pains and aches are described as “myalgia.” It can involve your tendons, soft tissues, and ligaments. People usually complain about aches in their backs, necks, shoulders, and knees.

You may have experienced myalgia during your infection, or it may have settled in the week after you were ill. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, myalgia is one of the most common symptoms of long COVID. You may find it hard to climb stairs, stand up, lift your arms above your head, or grip items with your hands.

These problems aren’t serious and will get better. You can help your recovery by taking better care of your muscles and managing your pain. If the pain is stopping you from completing a certain task, pace yourself and try again later. Relaxing will also reduce the stress of pain, while regular, enjoyable exercise will make you feel better.

If problems get worse, talk to your GP or a physiotherapist that treats muscle pain.

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