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6 Types of Hernias to Look Out For

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A hernia is a medical term used to describe when a piece of tissue bulges through an area of the body – which is usually a weak point in a person’s abdominal wall.

Those hernias that are larger might cause symptoms that need surgery. Some cases of hernia are more dangerous because they might become strangulated or incarcerated.

An incarcerated hernia happens when protruding tissue is unable to push back into place, which puts constant pressure or discomfort on a person’s body.

On the other hand, a strangulated hernia is a medical emergency, as the area bulging through loses blood supply.

There are doctors who will recommend surgical correction of a serious hernia, to try and keep it from getting worse or even causing an emergency situation. If someone develops the symptoms of a strangulated hernia, they could seek immediate medical attention.

When to look for help

You have to seek immediate medical attention if you notice the following symptoms, which might indicate that a hernia is strangulated:

  • A hernia that appears to get bigger, looks swollen or is very hard
  • You can’t push a hernia back in
  • The skin around the hernia is very red
  • You have sharp, increasing pain at the site of the hernia, especially if you also experience nausea or vomiting
  • You have fever
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