7 Delicious Alternatives to Coffee (That You Should Try Today) 

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5. Chicory coffee

Chicory coffee is one of many coffee alternatives that I recently discovered and must admit has gradually become one of my favorites. The amazing thing about this is that chicory coffee can be brewed exactly like normal coffee, but it has zero caffeine. And another secret: it tastes almost the same! So if you’re among those individuals that can’t keep their hands away from the second coffee today, then you really must try this alternative.

After I read all the healthy benefits of this beverage, I was even more excited! Because I have digestive issues and sometimes I find it difficult to go to the bathroom without my regular coffee in the morning, I was reticent to find an alternative since I didn’t know if it was going to help me with this or not. In this case, chicory coffee, besides being super easy to make, is also full of fiber, which is essential for a good and healthy digestion.

You can find chicory coffee pre-ground and roasted, and you can prepare it like an expresso or long coffee in your filter.

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