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8 Warning Signs of Diabetes Few Americans Know Of

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Itchy skin

Diabetes is also at fault for causing areas of localized itching. In some cases, itching can come as a result of damaged nerve fibers in the outer layers of our skin. The cause of diabetes-related itch can be diabetic polyneuropathy and peripheral neuropathy.

These are usually the complications that appear when high blood glucose levels are damaging the nerve fibers, especially those in the feet and hands. The inflammatory substances that cause itching are high levels of cytokines.

There’s research that proves how increased cytokines are linked with diabetic nerve damage. And sometimes, these high levels of cytokines might be a clue that the diabetic person is about to suffer from nerve damage.

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  1. Interesting article. I have been diagnosed with diabetes for a number of years, and has experienced all the symptoms except slow healing. Glad to miss out on at least one of them.

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