Hidden Health Problems Queen Elizabeth II Had

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Even though her health status forced her Royal Highness to skip a lot of events, she was determined to work as hard as she could, which caused a lot of concern among the members of her family.

A source said that all the people close to her told the Queen to take things easy and to consider her health a priority, which meant skipping more functions than she would like to.

In addition to that, the insider source stated that her attendance at those events was managed on a case-by-case basis. So if the Monarch wasn’t 100% on any given day that she was expected to be there in person, she delegated the tasks to another senior serving royal who was available to take over in her place, such as Prince Charles.

…Everyone in her family hoped that if the Queen took some time off to focus on her health, she would then be able to attend the events she wanted to!

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