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16 Food Storage Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Groceries

Food Storage Tip
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These food storage tips are a game-changer!

It might sound hard to believe, but nearly 40% of the food in America goes uneaten, according to research. But how can so much food end up in our trash cans? Well, most households tend to toss vegetables when they get a little discolored.

Best-by labels and sell-by dates can also be overly complicated and misleading. Outside the home, restaurants serve huge portions but then have nothing to do with the leftovers. And supermarkets overstock their shelves to the point where much of the food goes unsold.

So what are some food storage tips that can fight food waste? The answer is simple: make your food last longer.

But how…We came up with a list of 12 things you can do to help preserve your produce, give life to leftovers, and utilize every bit of your fruits, vegetables, and other perishable ingredients.

By keeping food out of the garbage, you’ll save yourself money, help conserve the planet’s precious national resources, and honor the farmers, drivers, and cooks who make it all possible.

So on that note, check out our 16 favorite food storage tips to lower your grocery bill and step up your organizing game!

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