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8 Ways Stress Affects Your Skin — And How To Calm It

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Your skin is the largest organ in your body. External issues may be a red flag that something is wrong within.

While sheet masks and bottled serums may have a certain soothing and aesthetic allure, a good skincare routine may not be enough to soothe your body’s complex systems.

High levels of cortisol can jumble up the signals your nerves decide to send, leading to anything from fine lines to an outbreak of hives.

While this correlation between skin and stress has been known since ancient times, recent studies showing a deeper connection only date back a few years.

And while your skin care products or diet can cause skin concerns, stress should also be taken into account — especially if a rash develops out of the blue or lasts long after you’ve tried almost everything.

We’ve rounded up eight proven ways that hormonal, physical, and mental stress affect your skin. But, more importantly, we also come up with what you can do about it.

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