Helicobacter pylori: 7 Things You Need to Know About It

helicobacter pylori
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5. Complications 

If you don’t get tested soon enough and you don’t follow the treatment that the doctor has prescribed for you, your bacteria is more likely to grow stronger and become immune to the medicine you take. and it might lead to severe complications, such as:

  • stomach lining inflammation – the stomach is affected by the bacteria, which causes it swelling and irritation, also known as gastritis;
  • ulcers – the helicobacter pylori is so strong that it can destroy the protective lining of the stomach, as well as the small intestine. Furthermore, this will allow your stomach to forge an open sore, which is called an ulcer. Research suggests that approximately 10% of people diagnosed with this can actually develop an ulcer;
  • stomach cancer – this is the most severe health issue that can develop from a simple infection with helicobacter pylori. Even though it can lead to certain types of stomach cancer, it’s quite rare, and you should talk to a doctor to find out more about it.
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