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10 Signs of Inflammation in Your Body to Watch Out For

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…Do you suffer from inflammation?

Usually, it is not that hard to recognize any inflammation symptoms in your body. For example, if you scratch your knee, your skin is going to be red and hot in a few seconds. If you catch a cold, you will have a fever, a big headache, and a runny nose. These are two examples of how you can see your body actually getting inflamed.

However, chronic inflammation is something else! This health condition happens when your immune system goes crazy and forgets to “turn off” the level of symptoms. What happens next is your body permanently releases a flood of harmful chemicals that can affect your cells.

A very accurate sign of inflammation is the level of C-reactive protein, which can be detected and measured by your doctor. This way, they will be able to tell if the chronic inflammation can totally damage your body or not.

Chronic inflammation can show up in several ways, but these are the 10 most important signs you should pay attention to!

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1 thought on “10 Signs of Inflammation in Your Body to Watch Out For”

  1. Most of these symptoms seem to be involved with what I have, Porphyria (also called “Vampire’s Disease”. It is extremely difficult to diagnose and somewhat rare. It also, can be attributed to Hepatitus C, which causes liver damage. This makes it so that your liver is not able to process certain toxins from your body and they try to escape through the skin in the form of a rash. I was treated for the Hep C (which fortunately for me minimal damage was caused, due to the fact I had my Hep A and B shots prior to diagnosis). I manage the disease mostly by my diet and what other toxins go into my body. I am unable to process most pharmaceuticals, so usually use medical marijuana for pain relief when I am able. Also, minimal use of regular old aspirin. I have been dealing with this since diagnosis in 2000.

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