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Top 12 Foods That Are Bad for Your Skin

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No matter how often or well you wash your face with different kinds of products suitable for your type of skin, nothing has the power to impact the way you look quite as much as what you eat on a daily basis. Of course, there are plenty of good foods for your skin, but today we’re going to talk about foods that are not so beneficial!

If you eat too much dairy, for example, you can develop acne even if you have reached a certain age. This risk is also possible when you eat too many sweets, which are not only bad for your skin but also for your teeth and blood sugar levels.

Keep reading to find out which foods you should avoid in order to have beautiful skin and a healthy body.

1. Dairy

Even if most of us think of milk as good food for our health, especially for getting enough calcium, dairy products are actually bad for our skin. Who knew? Dermatologists say that milk elevates insulin levels, and some brands that you can find on the market have growth hormones.

Excessive consumption of milk might lead to acne, especially if you have a genetic predisposition.

If you are lactose intolerant, then you will have an advantage because you won’t be having dairy products since you replaced them with almond milk or another type of vegan milk that suits your taste.

2. Alcohol

We all love a glass of red wine, especially when we have some roast beef on the side, but what if someone tells you that alcohol actually damages your skin? Why? Simply because wine acts as a diuretic and draws out liquid from your body, and we all know that if you are not hydrated enough it will show in your skin as well.

We are not young anymore and we are aware that wrinkles can appear more pronounced if your skin is not moisturized enough. So make a commitment to limit your alcohol consumption to one or fewer glasses per week.

Green tea is good for your health. Try drinking it at least once a day. It’s pretty yummy too. Just be careful when you infuse it: no more than 3 minutes, because otherwise it’s going to be bitter.

3. Potato Chips and French Fries

One of the greatest guilty pleasures of our lives is French fries, of course! Who doesn’t love French fries, especially if they are sided with a hamburger? Yummy! But you do know that this guilty pleasure of yours might cost your skin later, right?

A dermatologist says that fast foods and fried ones cause inflammation throughout your body, plus they will lead to acne as well.

Fries are full of refined carbs, and they can also influence the appearance of wrinkles and the aged-looking skin. We won’t be young forever, that’s for sure, but taking care of your skin better might improve its condition, plus you will look good as well.

4. Baked sweets/ doughnuts

Those pastries you love so much are actually full of trans fats, which can have a negative impact on your body and especially on your skin. Unfortunately, most of the things that taste amazing have too much sugar and processed carbs that can lead to damage to your skin’s collagen, which keeps your skin stretchy and resists wrinkles.

You can always replace them with fruits and other unsweetened foods that may taste a bit bland if you used to eat a lot of sugar in the past, but they will bring you benefits for your health.

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5. Spicy foods

Foods that are spicy are delicious, of course, but if you have rosacea, for example, you might want to avoid them because they will heat up the skin and increase the risk of a flare-up. You can always switch to milder spices, sauces, or vinegar in order to give some added flavor to your foods.

What are your favorite foods? Any from our list? 

6. Hot beverages

Unfortunately, another habit that is bad if you have rosacea is heat and hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. I know it’s tricky if you are trying to eliminate them completely, but you can try to drink them in a cold form, such as iced coffee, cold brew, and iced teas. Especially during the summer, they are amazingly refreshing. Give it a try!

7. Chocolate

Dermatologists say that chocolate is one of those foods that increases the chances of acne. Chocolate is a carb that can damage the collagen in your skin. A diet that is high in carbs and refined sugar is not good for your body either, since you can get fat easily.

Chocolate kicks sebum production into high gear and can trigger inflammatory responses in your body. How often do you eat chocolate?

8. Red meat

It’s medically proven that red meat contains saturated fats and tons of cholesterol. Consumption of an excess red meat leads to inflammation in the body, and because of too much fat in the body, the collagen production decreases, leading to dull and bad-looking skin.

Did you know that there is a thin line between dieting and acne? Your diet actually plays a significant role in acne development! 

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9. Foods With a High Glycemic Index

High glycemic foods such as white bread, white spaghetti, and potatoes can damage your skin pretty badly and increase acne breakouts. In fact, the skin won’t be the only thing that’s going to be affected by these foods. For those who are diabetic, white bread can spike the blood sugar level pretty badly. They also affect collagen in the skin.

If you want smoother and younger skin, then you should really give up white bread and replace it with whole-grain bread. Pssst! It’s actually even tastier! Trust me.

10. Foods Rich in Omega-6 Fats

We previously discussed in our articles that foods rich in Omega-3 fats are actually good for your heart and also for your eyes. Foods that contain a lot of Omega-6 fats are pretty bad if they are consumed daily. Foods like corn and soy oil are rich in Omega-6, which can cause acne.

11. Fast foods

As much as we like fast foods, we have to admit that they are bad for your health. They are usually made with oil and contain tons of fat. Meats like bacon and pepperoni are high in nitrates, and they can damage your skin and cause wrinkles as soon as you expect.

Processed meats like the ones found in hamburgers also contain high levels of sodium, which can lead to dry skin. Usually, a typical Western diet may increase the excess of sebum and increase the level of acne risk. Be careful!

What is the traditional dish in your region?

12. Soda

Booyah! Last but not least, sodas can cause damage to your health. These are full of sugar, and we already know that they can damage the collagen supply you need. You don’t like wrinkles on your face? Then stop drinking soda.

Switch to natural orange juice or other non-carbonated ones.

Takeaway: Recent studies have shown that people who frequently consume added sugars have a 30% higher risk of developing acne, especially those who cannot give up on pastries or cakes. Don’t forget that if you already have rosacea, sunlight and hairspray are two common things that are bad for it!

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