Wednesday, April 17

The ‘Male Menopause’ Epidemic: 6 Warning Signs You Should Know

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You might wonder, what is “male menopause”? The end of the female reproductive cycle is marked by female menopause. On the other hand, men also suffer a wide range of signs and changes as they age, which some people are comparing to the symptoms of menopause.

More clearly, male menopause is the more popular name for andropause. It explains age-related variations in male hormonal changes. The same set of symptoms is also characterized as “testosterone deficit,” “androgen deficit,” and “late-onset hypogonadism.”

Menopause in men and women is not the same. For one thing, not all men go through it. Studies show that only 2.1% of men experience it. Another fact is that it does not involve a total shutdown of your reproductive system. Reproductive difficulties, however, may occur as a consequence of your low hormone levels.

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