8 Signs of Diabetes Only Seniors Can Have

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#7 Skin problems

Changes in skin texture, appearance, and healing capacity are caused by reduced blood supply, injury to blood vessels and nerves, and diabetes’s impact on collagen in the skin.

Dryness of the skin is among the most typical signs of high blood sugar levels and a symptom of diabetes. Typically, dry skin and associated irritation initially appear on your lower legs. The itch must be under control first since you can lessen scratching and avoid wounding. 

Diabetes skin symptoms such as diabetic dermopathy, sometimes called “shin spots,” are light brown, oval or circular areas of scaly skin on the lower thighs. This is because the little blood vessels that provide the tissues with nutrients and oxygen have been damaged. Even while this type of diabetes-related skin discoloration usually doesn’t need to be treated, it could still exist even if your blood sugar is under control.

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