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Countdown to Wellness: 5 Coffee Hacks for a Vibrant Start

Have you heard about these coffee hacks that will make your coffee healthier and even tastier?

You may not think that coffee hacks are the best choice for getting your vitamin intake up, but the reality will surprise you! Think about it for a moment. You may forget to add certain ingredients to your meals or to take your vitamins from time to time, but a lot of us will definitely not forget to drink our coffee in the morning. So why not hit two birds with one stone?

These coffee hacks are not so much hacks, as they are a good way to add some more nutrients, antioxidants, and even vitamins to your coffee every day. And it can easily be achieved with just a tablespoon or less of something extra added to the coffee. Not only will it make it taste way better in certain cases (which is a perk we will definitely take), but it will also help you get that health boost with little to no effort.

Of course, these coffee hacks do not replace the likes of a healthy diet and exercise, and they do not give you a free pass to end up drinking more coffee than you should. However, you should see it as an easy and healthy way to be able to get some more benefits from a hot beverage that you would have been drinking anyway!

Did our coffee hacks, full of health benefits, pique your interest? Make sure to keep on reading to discover them all!

Have you been making healthy additions to your coffee before? Are there any other coffee hacks you would like to share with us? Leave us all the details about them in the comments below!

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Ginger: great for joint pain

If you’re already a fan of gingerbread, then you should have no problems adding ginger to your coffee! Not only will you be able to get more health benefits this way, but it will also add a little twist to your coffee that will help you wake up faster in the morning!

Adding ginger to your coffee cup in the morning will leave an aromatic blend that is going to have a bit of a spicy kick, but nothing too severe. The plant has been used to curb nausea for centuries in other cultures, so it may also be a great addition if you are feeling a bit queasy.

Ginger is a great coffee hack because it is packed with antioxidants and a lot of anti-inflammatory elements that will help reduce some of the joint pains you may be having. Ginger can also be a great aid in reducing cholesterol and muscle pain, and it may even serve as a digestion aid.

Just make sure you do not eat too much ginger and do not make it into a habit, as too much ginger can also cause some stomach issues in the long run due to the acidity of the root!

The best way to make it is to add a little microplaned ginger to your coffee (up to a teaspoon and never more in one cup) or to make yourself a pumpkin spice latte with actual ginger, not powder, at home!

Turmeric: great aid for digestion

There is little else to be said about the infamous turmeric latte, as the hype around it has been going on for a while. However, the golden spice is still something not everyone knows about, and it can bring you some health benefits even outside of using it in your dishes.

Curcumin, which is one of the most important compounds, is known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, and it is also included on the list of the best natural antioxidants you can find. These benefits of the spice help with digestion and liver detoxification (as it aids the natural process), and recent studies have shown that it may also be beneficial in treating symptoms of depression.

You can easily add a little bit of turmeric powder to your coffee, or you can even make a turmeric latte so that you can easily make it at home! It also pairs well with coconut oil and even a dash of black pepper if you are feeling adventurous, which can also boost the health benefits of turmeric!

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Cinnamon: great for heart health

This is probably the coffee hack that most people know, and mostly because it is a delicious one! Adding some cinnamon to your daily cup o’ Joe is a great way to add more antioxidants to your diet and also make your coffee taste even more delicious!

Cinnamon is one of those spices that has been used both in traditional medicine and for cooking for thousands of years, and the count of protective compounds (which are about 41!) proves why people keep on turning to this spice. You will not find another spice that has more antioxidants than cinnamon, and as far as spicing up your coffee goes, this one is the easiest one to implement.

Because this spice has been researched and used for so long, we know more about the benefits it can bring to you. Studies have shown that cinnamon may be a great aid in protecting your brain and heart, especially from cancer, but it can also be used as a way to boost immunity!

All you have to do to unlock the amazing properties of cinnamon for this coffee hack is simply add half a teaspoon to your cup, or, if you want to skip the stirring, you can add one teaspoon when you are brewing your grounds, and it will be infused right in!

Pro tip: make sure you keep an eye out for Ceylon cinnamon, as it is regarded as the best quality amongst the other ones you can get. It may be a bit harder to source and a bit more expensive than the one we can generally find, but believe us, it is worth the extra penny. You can easily get this one on Amazon, and it is a great band for your buck and your health!

Cacao: great for mental health

Speaking of delicious additions to your coffee, cacao powder is the best way to blend the deliciousness of coffee with that of chocolate.

When it comes to this coffee hack, you need to make sure that you do not rely on cocoa powder but rather on cacao, which is different. Raw cacao powder is processed at a lower temperature, and it generally comes without the added dairy or sugar that cocoa powder generally does.

Raw cacao powder is a superfood, and the health benefits are amazing, ranging from being one of the best antioxidants in the world to being great for your heart and being an amazing natural source of iron!

This powder is known as an anti-inflammatory to lower bad (LDL) cholesterol and increase good (HDL) cholesterol. Cacao powder has also been studied in relation to its cognitive benefits, as it has some mood-enhancing and even anti-depressive effects on the brain!

Not to mention, it’s delicious! You can easily stir 1 tablespoon into your coffee, and you get yourself a boost of magnesium, dietary fiber, iron, and antioxidants straight into your coffee. The best mocha ever!

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Maca: amazing hormone balance

Last but not least on our coffee hack list is maca powder. While you may not have heard of the maca root plant, this powder is definitely available at your local health store or even online if you just search for it. However, not a lot of people know about the benefits of maca powder.

Traditionally known to help with fertility, studies have shown that in tests on rats, it has helped to balance hormones in them. Moreover, it has also been observed to improve energy levels, athletic abilities, and even bedroom performances!

Besides these obvious health benefits, maca powder is also really nutritious, being high in vitamin C and proteins, 20 free-form fatty acids, and a lot of amino acids (20, to be more exact).

Do not go over the recommended dose of one to three teaspoons a day! And to stick to it. the best way to consume it is to stir it in your coffee. There are also other recipes for healthy coffee online that include this type of powder, so you can make a superfood-charged coffee too!

Just make sure you store your maca powder in the fridge after you open it in an airtight container so that you can prolong its shelf life!

Turmeric is a great addition to your cup o’ Joe, but it is not only good for helping your digestion. It is a great antioxidant, and it can aid even in the battle against cancer! Make sure you read about turmeric and other great anti-cancer foods and their benefits here!

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