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10 Shocking Rules McDonald’s Employees HAVE to Follow

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What odd rules do McDonald’s employees have to follow? 

Just like most big companies, McDonald’s wouldn’t be the global fast food chain that it is today without keeping its tactics secret and imposing some rules for the employees. And despite what you may think, it’s a rigorous job with some strict rules.

It’s obvious that any company needs a set of rules in order to keep the business organized and perform to the best of its abilities, but some of McDonald’s practices are a bit strict and weird, but you’ll have to decide for yourself. Regardless, we all love a good cheeseburger now and then, and their coffee is even better, so these may not stop us from going there.

So if you want to bring the delicious McDonald’s coffee to the comfort of your own house, you can try out these coffee pods, perfect for a busy day. But until then, check out these 10 rules that any McDonald’s employee has to follow.

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10 thoughts on “10 Shocking Rules McDonald’s Employees HAVE to Follow”

  1. It is nice to notice that McDonald’s does not have a tip box. I frown upon tip boxes and also the IPad that servers bring to your table and make you fill out your check while they are standing over you. I always tip well, however, some businesses are getting ridiculous in the ways that they are demanding tips. I blame this on the business itself. Thank you McDonald’s! You are a class act in keeping things traditional. Best food and best service always!!

  2. I came back…with A QUESTION…and with all of the rules…to FOLLOW to the people in charge…TREAT THESE FOLKS with KINDNESS?? RESPECT???? SOME SMILES?? LOTS OF THANKS?
    AND DO THEY MAKE A DECENT LIVING WAGE?…so so so CURIOUS…everyone stay safe…OK
    Thanks for reading…..

  3. There is nothing wrong with any of those rules, in fact they all make since. More businesses should have similar rules!!

  4. I think the rules are fantastic. Other companies should take note and put into place their own rules on what is expected of their employees. I’ve watched a lot of disrespect in the workplace, both to the employer as well as the customer. I make a point of complimenting when I see an employee doing a good job.

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