Tuesday, July 16

15 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Doctor

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You probably have a couple of things you’d rather do than go see your doctor. I feel you; doctor’s visits can be pretty stressful. But I’m here to tell you: They don’t have to be.

One way to make your urgent care visit or annual checkup go more smoothly is to express your concerns and communicate your questions clearly, but how much talking should you do—and what topics, if anything, are off-limits?

A strong relationship with your doctor builds on respect for their dedication, which over time helps develop real trust and a good rapport. Nowadays, when healthcare visits of all types may be faster-paced than in the past or even online, making sure you take advantage of your time with any medical expert is more essential than ever.

This article will help you find the things you don’t want to say during a doctor’s visit. Let’s get started!

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