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Thinking of Getting an Air Fryer? Here Are 6 Benefits of Using One!

If you have been on the internet in the last few months, it’s impossible to not have seen someone raving about their air fryer. It seems like the new fad for our kitchen gurus, and it has taken the web space by storm with a ton of recipe books appearing overnight and all the celebrities on this earth singing its praises. It’s only normal to be skeptical about such a new appliance (we were too), especially since it seemed to follow the same journey as the microwave when it first came out.

And while no one came out saying that you’re getting exposed to harmful radiation as they did with the microwave (which is a hoax, by the way, the microwave is safe), the air fryer seemed to be on everyone’s minds anyway. And while not a lot of us have a ton of space in our kitchens to add yet another appliance (not to mention the hefty sum some of them ask for), we were all wondering if it’s worth getting one.

It definitely took us a while until we got it, but we can definitely say it’s been one of the best decisions we ever made. And if you’re still reticent when it comes to getting one, we have gathered here some of the best benefits that it brings and hopefully convinces you that getting one is an investment worth your time and money!

Let us know if you already have an air fryer or if we have managed to sway you to our side!

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#1 The air fryer is easy, safe, and fast to use!

Initially, the air fryer was thought out to be a replacement for a deep fryer, and while that was and still is a great idea, it didn’t do much to convince people they needed it as an appliance. After all, not everyone had a deep fryer or the desire to experiment with one at home: it’s simply not cost- or time-efficient.

However, when people realized that they needed to cook at home more, but they didn’t necessarily have the time to do so, the air fryer ended up shining and coming up as a great alternative! Gone were the days when people would order greasy foods just because they could get them fast. The air fryer could cook the same thing in the same amount of time it took to get delivered, but it took almost no oil!

What’s there not to love about it? It’s very fast, cooking up your meal perfectly in about 20 minutes max, and very uncomplicated. It’s easy to set up and extremely easy to use; all you have to do is season your ingredients, put them in, and they’re all ready to go! Set the timer, and all that is left to do is wait. It’s so easy and safe, there’s nothing more simple.

This is one of the main reasons people fall in love with this appliance, and we think you will follow suit if you give it a chance!

#2 Extremely Versatile

Not only will the air fryer replace any need to cook something in an oil bath ever again, but you will find that it is so versatile that you will be able to virtually cook anything with it. From frying anything to preparing spaghetti squash, from frozen store-bought foods to actual desserts, there are so many uses for it that you’ll wonder why you still have an oven.

It comes with the added bonus that it’s so easy to use even a kid cannot mess things up (don’t let any kid use any appliance without supervision)! Try it out for yourself, and you will find yourself with so much inspiration you will have a hard time choosing what to have for the next meal.

air fryer
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#3 Healthier cooking with an air fryer 

This is it! This is the reason why everyone raves about air fryers, and we can not blame them! If there is just one reason why you should’ve gotten one of these appliances and lost important counter space for it, it is the fact that no matter what you cook, it will be a lot healthier! It uses so little oil that you only need a can of the spray-on version to replace any need for deep-fried foods: you will simply be cooking the same dishes in a much healthier manner!

Deep-fried foods are horrible for our health. We are all aware of this, but sometimes we cannot resist the temptation. It’s just good, and we all get cravings. If you do get an air fryer, the only oil you will be using is going to be a little spray on things like fried fish or chicken tenders, just so that the breading gets evenly crispy, but compared to an oil bath, it’s a hundred times less oil. Not to mention, other things like french fries require no oil at all to get the perfect crispy golden result.

Trust us, you will be using so much less oil that you will be surprised. Not only that, but you will find so many new recipes to add to your cookbook that you will never go back to conventional oil cooking again!

#4 Faster than conventional over cooking

One of the biggest advantages of this appliance is that it gets hot really quickly, and it uses its circulating air technology to make sure that everything is cooked evenly, browning or crisping up the food without much input from you. This will not only cut down your cooking time drastically, but it will also lessen the stress of not knowing if your home oven will give you the result you want and an even crust.

This happens not only due to the fact that the air fryer circulates the air and it’s really hot, but also because of the size it has: even the bigger ones are a lot smaller than conventional ovens, and they do not need any pre-heating period like most of the ovens. Even when you use an electric oven, it still needs you to preheat it in order to make sure everything bakes evenly.

The air fryer gets rid of all your worries. You can basically throw everything in, set the timer, and then eat dinner (or lunch, or breakfast) in about 10 to 15 minutes. And it’s great to use not just for your main meals but also for quick and easy snacks. If you have a party or you need to make finger food for a youngster in your family that’s famished after school, this appliance will let you heat up and cook something to perfection in a matter of minutes.

air fryer
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#5 East to clean 

Who doesn’t love to hear these three words? Easy to clean. For someone that cooks frequently, it’s just music to our ears, especially if you have a big family: all the pots and pans you have to clean, in addition to all the cutlery and plates. It can be a nightmare sometimes to have to clean all the dishes after a meal after you have spent the last hour cooking. We get you, and this is why a good air fryer will solve all your problems.

They are very easy to clean and, due to the fact that they are versatile, they will lower the number of appliances you have to use in order to get the meal done. Sometimes it’s as easy as adding everything to the pot and setting it up! In a couple of minutes, you will have a steaming dinner ready to be served and way fewer dishes to clean! We only see benefits!

#6 Crispy and crunchy food

If your family happens to be an enthusiast of carb-focused foods and head over heels for snacks, then you have all the reasons for which you will love an air fryer here. It happens a lot of the time when you cook frozen, often breaded foods, like onion rings and fish fingers, in an oven that they do not end up as crispy as they could be if you used an oil bath. Sometimes they can even end up unevenly cooked or even burnt on some sides.

With an air fryer, you can say goodbye to all these issues without all the problems (from a logistical and health perspective) that using an oil bath would bring you! This appliance makes sure that all your food gets crisped up correctly and evenly, avoiding any soggy messes and leaving you to serve your friends and family with perfectly golden, crunchy goodness!

Of course, you will need to use a little bit of oil, but it’s nothing compared to if you deep-fried any of these foods: a little spray of cooking oil on the outside, and you will have the perfect crispy food. You will be the envy of the neighborhood at your next BBQ. And the best thing is that you can use it both with fresh and frozen foods, so you don’t have to worry about it. It even works on leftover pizza!

Make sure you’re staying on top of a healthy diet by eating as many of these healthy foods as you can! 

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  1. I have two one is the air fryer and I have the oven air fryer power XL would not be with out them they are the best.

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