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8 Symptoms of Kidney Stones You Should NEVER Ignore

symptoms of kidney stones
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Kidney stones are more common than you’d think. At first, you might experience severe pain along with other important symptoms. Moreover, you’d be surprised to find out that men have kidney stones more often than women. Kidney stones are probably the most common health condition, and they’re associated with the urinary system.

Every single year, there are over 600,000 kidney stone cases all over America. That’s probably why we’ve decided to find out more about the symptoms of kidney stones, which are also known as nephroliths and renal calculi. If you have ever wondered what exactly these stones are, they are hard mineral fragments that can easily form in your kidneys.

In most cases, they are small enough to exit your body through urine. However, it gets more complicated when they’re too large, and you might need medical assistance to have them removed. If you think you have kidney stones, you might want to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Just to fully comprehend the severity of the issue, if you have kidney stones and you also have a fever and a urinary tract infection, you might even require immediate surgical intervention. While serious complications from kidney stones are quite rare, if they are left untreated, they might become highly severe. Learn more about the symptoms of kidney stones here:

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